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Do you want to bring your Pinterest board to life? Are you hoping to achieve a warm, rustic feel? Or would you like to achieve the most glitzy event of the year or is something more sleek, modern and intimate speaking to you? We have more than fifty themed decors from which you can choose […]

Your story starts here…

Your story starts here… With thousands of high quality rental products at your fingertips, Impact Production Group is your one-stop source for event décor rentals, from the simple to the sophisticated. Our warehouse or rather our “Alibaba Cave” of over 1,250 m2 offers a vast inventory of objects, accessories, fabrics, furniture components available for all […]


Without borders… Carrying out events all over the country and sometimes in the neighboring islands, it is imperative to have adapted and well organized logistics. With a fleet of nearly 70 containers and 3,500 m2 of warehouses that house the audiovisual sector and the sets, Impact Production Group has developed all its logistics according to […]

Dome by IPG

Pacific Domes USA In architecture, a geodesic dome is a spherical, or partially spherical, lattice structure whose bars are followed by the large circles (geodesic) of the sphere. Impact Production Group offers geodesic domes from Pacific Domes USA – self-supporting structures, displayed inside fully available. The structure of the dome allows a large interior space […]


As part of the 50th anniversary of independance. When we talk about events, we are talking about setting up temporary structures. Tents, boxes, floors, air conditioning, bleachers, stages, stage covers, towers, mobile toilets, generators, electrical distribution, cable passage etc. A great spectacle is not only audiovisual, sound, lights, video, special effects and fireworks, but a […]