Without borders…

Carrying out events all over the country and sometimes in the neighboring islands, it is imperative to have adapted and well organized logistics.

With a fleet of nearly 70 containers and 3,500 m2 of warehouses that house the audiovisual sector and the sets, Impact Production Group has developed all its logistics according to needs, all obviously adapted to our insularity.

Often customers ask to carry out events out of the ordinary such as for example setting up a show platform of several hundred square meters on the beach and there Impact Production Group needs to deploy treasures of ingenuity to achieve this type while preserving the beach and nature in general.

To do this, we have a fleet of suitable vehicles, 4×4, flatbed trucks, box trucks, crane trucks and we sub-contract more specific equipment when necessary. Beyond that we have developed our own modular pyrotechnic barge systems allowing the production of fireworks for big shows. With a fleet of around thirty vehicles and around twenty pyrotechnic barges, Impact Production Group and its teams can thus face any scenario, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

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