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Pacific Domes USA

In architecture, a geodesic dome is a spherical, or partially spherical, lattice structure whose bars are followed by the large circles (geodesic) of the sphere.
Impact Production Group offers geodesic domes from Pacific Domes USA – self-supporting structures, displayed inside fully available.
The structure of the dome allows a large interior space free of pillars, economical in materials, it is constituted by triangles, the most rigid geometric shape that man knows.
Since the existence of geodesic domes, they have proven not only the ingenuity of the concept but also an exceptional and original art of living.
Having an event under a dome is a unique experience, a special warmth and reigns from its harmonious and rounded curves. It is associated with an open and free spirit.
The spherical volume of the dome gives it a spiritual dimension. The religions were not mistaken there, that it is the churches, the cathedrals, the mosquitoes adopt this architecture in their buildings.
There is an analogical relationship between the universe (macro-cosmos) and the human being (microcosm). Each triangle offers the possibility of creating a skylight according to the fantasy of each and the purpose of the dome.
Our two domes are available to host events such as trade shows, conventions, festivals, private parties … the sky is the limit …

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