Owner Events

Impact Production Group launches out in the creation and the proposal of small and / or big events such as festivals, private parties, concerts, contests, etc… The activities mentioned above will take place at Domaine Gros Cailloux

The current events are:


Under the future label “Impact Events”, Impact Production Group will launch a panoply of specific events framed with our range of technical support, ephemeral decor and structure, allied to a magnificent, centralized place and benefiting from many advantages
All these events will be the subject of a communication on all our social networks.


Impact Production Group is delighted to announce the launch of a series of contests to allow Mauritians to participate and win prizes in different types of events, the first being “dir wi avek Impact” and for this specific contest, to win a wedding reception.

The common thread of the contests offered by Impact Production Group will revolve around each specific event and will be monitored until the day the prize is awarded to participants. This common thread will give coherence to a set of different events developed around elements such as family, music, sport etc … but always with a unifying element for Impact Production Group.

Contest Dir Wi Avek Impact