Group Director: Vaughn MARTI
Event Design Director (Décor): Martine ARMANDINE - MANNEBACK
Production Manager: Nuvin MUNGROO
Production Lead: Jean-Pierre GUEUVIN
Project Lead: Ding GOPEECHAND
Show / Lighting Designer: Emanuel BLAIS
Lighting Technical Lead: Michael MANNEBACK
Audio Technical Lead: Sebastien DUCRAY
Video Technical Lead: David JUILLET
Stage / Rigging Technical Lead: Alvin SOBORUN
Fixed Installation Technical Lead: Gérard BUSSOA
Marquees / Bedouins Technical Lead: Guillaume MASSON
Fireworks Administration Officer: Déborah LAURENT
Fireworks Technical Co-ordinator: Lindley HENRY
Décor Design Lead: Jordana LEVASSEUR
Décor Design Lead: Laurena TRITON NADAL
Head of Stores: Stephano ORANGE
Head of Logistics: Burty CARAMSING
Administration Lead: Esther PREVAUT
Accounts: Régis APPANAH
Senior Sales and Event Executive: Priscila ROSE
Senior Sales and Event Executive: Salil GOKULSING
Sales and Event Co-ordinator: Eugénie BENJAMIN
Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator: Anaïs LI TING FOONG
Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator: Surendra SOOBERUN